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Day of Miracles

40/100 2005 60 mins Documentary Watch Trailer

Day of Miracles: During the disaster of 9/11 there were many miraculous survivors whose stories are great. Sujo John was in Tower One and led many down the staircase while the building was peeling like a banana. He got out only to realize that his pregnant wife was in Tower Two. Janelle Guzman prayed for God to help her while the building was crumbling over her. She was the last person found alive the next day. When they found her, she was standing up asleep. She asked for Paul, the policeman who was holding her hand all night and they told her that there was no one named Paul on the team that day.

Actors: Alexander Folk, Brenda Epperson Doumani, Charles Stevenson, Darlene Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Julian Reyes, Keith Scott, Kimberly Estrada, Leslie McRae, Patrick Williams, Richard Smith, TJ Myers,

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