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Song of the Thin Man

Song of the Thin Man: Nick and Nora Charles are asked by Phil Brant and Janet Thayar, who have just eloped, to help them when band leader Tommy Drake is killed at a society soirée held on a boat and which the Charles themselves attended. The police are looking to arrest Brant for the murder and while he claims hes innocent, Nick isnt too keen on having him in the house and turns him over to the police. As they look into the case, Nicl and Nora learn that Drake wasnt very well liked and there are actually several people who benefited from his death. Drake owed money to loan shark Frank Page and Janets father disliked Brant and may have set him up. Drakes girlfriend may have been having a fling with clarinetist Buddy Hollis and he and Drake had a fist fight on stage during the festivities. Nick arranges for another party on the same boat where Nora notices something quite peculiar about one of the guests jewelry.

Actors: Al Bridge, Bert Stevens, Bess Flowers, Bruce Cowling, Charles Sullivan, Clinton Sundberg, Connie Gilchrist, Dean Stockwell, Don Taylor, Donald Kerr, Earle Hodgins, Eddie Lou Simms, Esther Howard, Franklyn Farnum, George Anderson, George Chan, George Sorel, Gloria Grahame, Gregg Barton, Harold Miller, Harry Burns, Henry Norton, Henry Sylvester, Herbert Evans, Howard Negley, James Burke, James Conaty, James Flavin, Jayne Meadows, Jeffrey Sayre, Jimmy OGatty, John Sheehan, Keenan Wynn, Larry Steers, Leon Ames, Leonard Bremen, Lyle Latell, Marie Windsor, Marya Marco, Matt McHugh, Mitchell Lewis, Morris Ankrum, Myrna Loy, Patricia Morison, Phillip Reed, Ralph Morgan, Robert E Strickland, Sayre Dearing, Tom Dugan, Tom Trout, Warner Anderson, William Bishop, William Powell, William Roberts,

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