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Missing (Sil jong)

60/100 2009 99 mins Crime Thriller Watch Trailer

Missing (Sil jong): Hyeon-jeongs sister is missing and she fears for the worst. Via her sisters cellphone, Hyeon-jeong learns that her sister stayed in a countryside village. She goes to the village to find her sister and stops at the local police station for help. Because of the little evidence she has, the police refuse to offer help. Refusing to give up hope, Hyeon-jeong navigates the mystery of her sisters disappearance on her own. As she gets closer to the truth, Hyeon-jeong is forced to comes face-to-face with the psychopath who abducted her sister.

Actors: Eun-jeong Hwang, Gi-ho Heo, Ja-Hyeon Chu, Min-hee Ha, Moon-cheol Nam, Se-hong Jeon, Seong-kun Mun,

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