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No Angels Season 3 Episode 21

60/100 2004 Drama Watch Trailer

No Angels: Every day the girls face life, death and lunacy on the wards of St. Margarets; every night they let off steam, with a dangerous appetite for uncomplicated sex and unruly misbehaviour. Anji is set on an arranged marriage and Beth is determined to settle down with a rich consultant. In the meantime, however, theyre both happy to practice their bedside manners For single mum Lia, juggling work and home can prove tricky. And acting sister Kate soon finds out that juggling work and love is even trickier... Still, they can always rely on each other. And if the drugs dont work, its probably because the junior doctors taken them The show has now ended with all the girls ending up in very different places from where they started...

Actors: Derek Riddell, Francis Magee, Kaye Wragg, Louise Delamere,

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