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The Most Dangerous Man in the World

80/100 1969 98 mins Action Drama Watch Trailer

The Most Dangerous Man in the World: An American scientist is sent to Red China to steal the formula for a newly developed agricultural enzyme. What he is not told by his bosses is that a micro-sized bomb has been planted in his brain so that should the mission ever look likely to fail, he can be eliminated at the push of a button!

Actors: Alan Dobie, Alan White, Anne Heywood, Anthony Chinn, Arthur Hill, Burt Kwouk, Cecil Cheng, Conrad Yama, Edward Cast, Eric Young, Francesca Tu, Gordon Sterne, Gregory Peck, Helen Horton, Keith Bonnard, Keye Luke, Laurence Herder, Ori Levy, Robert Lee, Simon Cain, Zienia Merton,

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