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60/100 1968 86 mins Comedy Musical Fantasy Watch Trailer

Head: A plot-less collection of various musical encounters and adventures by the famous rock band The Monkees which follows Davy, Peter, Mike and Mickey as they travel through an assortment of places in search of meaning.

Actors: Abraham Sofaer, Annette Funicello, Bob Rafelson, Carol Doda, Charles Irving, Charles Macaulay, Davy Jones, Dennis Hopper, Frank Zappa, Hal Taggart, Helena Kallianiotes, Jack Nicholson, John Dennis, John Hoffman, June Fairchild, Kenner G Kemp, Logan Ramsey, Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Percy Helton, Peter Tork, Rona Barrett, Ronald Reagan, Sam Flint, Sonny Liston, TC Jones, Teri Garr, Tiger Joe Marsh, Timothy Carey, Toni Basil, Tor Johnson, Victor Mature, Vito Scotti, William Bagdad,

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