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Inagawa Junji no shinjitsu no horror

60/100 2003 62 mins Horror Watch Trailer

Inagawa Junji no shinjitsu no horror: The video is a compilation of six short stories based on Japanese folklore legends. Each story is approximately 15 minutes long and are briefly introduced by a host. Peony Lamp is a story of love, death and ghosts. She Bear tells the story of a monster lady who terrorizes passers of a city tunnel. Yamamba is a spirit living in the depths of the forests waiting to feed on anyone who ventures there. Nurarihyon tells us of a playful spirit visiting a familys restaurant. Heartbroken trip, a young woman visits a spa not knowing what awaits her. Lost Souls a stop during a long car ride turns into a nightmare.

Actors: Makiko Kuno,

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