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Special Agent

60/100 1949 71 mins Crime Drama History Watch Trailer

Special Agent: Railroad detective Johnny Douglas investigates a payroll robbery and the murder of a train crew. Tedious but thorough police work leads him to the identities of two brothers, Paul and Ed Devereaux. The Devereaux brothers hide the stolen loot and return to their fathers ranch,which they hope to save from foreclosure with the take from the robbery. When the sons of two of the murdered train crew discover the hidden payroll, Johnny has a chance to spring a trap on the Devereaux boys.

Actors: Arthur Stone, Carole Mathews, Frank Puglia, George Reeves, James Griffith, Jeff York, Jimmy Hunt, John Hilton, Joseph Granby, Kasey Rogers, Morgan Farley, Paul Harvey, Paul Valentine, Peter Miles, Raymond Bond, Robert Williams, Thomas Browne Henry, Tom Powers, Truman Bradley, Virginia Christine, Walter Baldwin, William Eythe,

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