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One Touch of Venus

One Touch of Venus: In the art department of a large department store, the statue of the famed Anatolian Venus comes to life and falls in love with Eddie Hatch, a window trimmer. Just before the unveiling of the prized statue, Eddie takes Venus to the model-display house in the store, where the stores boss finds her. He, too, falls in love with her and makes her Glamour Girl Number One. Eddie and Venus dance in Central Park, but Eddie is arrested for stealing the statue. Venus goes back to her pedestal and Eddie is released. While Eddie is sadly preparing for another unveiling, a new employee asks him a question. She tells him her name is Venus Jones.

Actors: Anne Nagel, Arthur OConnell, Ava Gardner, Bess Flowers, Charles Sherlock, Dick Gordon, Dick Haymes, Eddie Parker, Eve Arden, George J Lewis, George Meeker, Gino Corrado, Hugh Herbert, James Flavin, Jerry Marlowe, Joan Miller, Joel Friend, John Davidson, John Valentine, Josephine Whittell, Kenneth Patterson, Martha Montgomery, Mary Benoit, Olga San Juan, Pat Parrish, Phil Garris, Ralph Brooks, Ralph Peters, Robert McCord, Robert Walker, Russ Conway, Sara Allgood, Tom Conway, Yvette Reynard,

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