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The Grid

90/100 2004 266 mins Action Crime Drama Thriller Watch Trailer

The Grid : The story opens with a deadly sarin attack in London. NSC counter-terrorism director Maren Jackson (Margulies) enlists FBI agent Max Canary (McDermott) and CIA Middle Eastern analyst Raza Michaels (Marek) to aid in the investigation. Acton Sandman (Skerritt), CIA deputy director of counter-terrorism, oversees the clandestine operation on foreign soil. Also on the task force is Emily Tuthill (Redgrave), director of operations for Britains MI6; and Derek Jennings (Hill), MI5 senior director of counter-terrorism.

Actors: Badria Timimi, Barna Moricz, Bernard Hill, Carol Anderson, Chapelle Jaffe, David Hunt, David Tse, Dylan McDermott, Emil Marwa, Hassani Shapi, Jack Langedijk, James Remar, Jeff Seymour, Jemma Redgrave, Julianna Margulies, Lawrence King-Phillips, Marc Casabani, Olek Krupa, Parvez Qadir, Robert Forster, Silas Carson, Suzanne Bertish, Tom Skerritt,

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