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Tum A Dangerous Obsession

60/100 2004 150 mins Drama Thriller Romance Watch Trailer

Tum A Dangerous Obsession: Kamini and Vinod have been married for 18 years. Vinod has been aware that he has not been devoting enough time for Kamini and to make it up he decides to take her up to Mauritius to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She is to leave from Mumbai and he from London, returning from their respective business trips. However Vinod does not turn up at Mauritius, living Kamini very disappointed. A young photographer Jatin is on the island and finding Kamini alone gives her company. Kamini spends most of her day with Jatin. On the eve of her anniversary, they drink, dine and dance together. Kamini gets drunk and Jatin takes her to her room. In the morning when she wakes up she finds Jatin in her bed. The same evening, Vinod arrives and Kamini wants to reveal the truth to him but at the same time does not want to upset him. They return to Mumbai. But Jatin follows Kamini to her house and becomes friendly with her complete family. Kamini turns into an obsession for him.

Actors: Aman Verma, Gurcharan, Karan Nath, Kiran, Madhuri, Manisha Koirala, Priya, Rajat Kapoor, Rajesh, Ramesh, Rebecca, Shilpa Mehta,

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