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Poolboy Drowning Out the Fury

60/100 2011 2147483647 mins Comedy Watch Trailer

Poolboy Drowning Out the Fury: In this unearthed lost movie from 1990 that the studio deemed too terrible to release, a Vietnam Veteran Sal Bando(Sorbo), tortured by his past as a Poolboy returns home to Van Nuys, California, and a country he doesn't recognize, in which it seems only Mexicans run pool-cleaning companies. Bando sets off on a brutal mission to reclaim his "rightful" vocation and enact revenge on the man(Trejo) who killed his wife and son.

Actors: Ahmed Best, Alanna Ubach, Benton Jennings, Brendan McCarthy, Bryan Callen, Courtney Gains, Danny Trejo, Deon Richmond, Edi Patterson, Elise Neal, Gary Valentine, Jason Mewes, Jean St James, Jennifer Elise Cox, Jimmy Williams, Kevin Sorbo, Mark Curry, Matt Winston, Paul Ben-Victor, Richard Karn, Robert Caso, Robert LaSardo, Ross Patterson,

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