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Wise Girl

100/100 1937 70 mins Comedy Watch Trailer

Wise Girl: Snooty heiress decides to track down her dead sisters kids, who are living a Bohemian life with their uncle in Greenwich Village. Once she finds them, she discovers that the Bohemian life is fun and free of the constraints her country-club life places on her. But she decides to take the uncle to court anyway to free him from the kids so he can paint.

Actors: Adia Kuznetzoff, Albert Petit, Alec Craig, Cecil Kellaway, Charles Sullivan, DArcy Corrigan, Douglas Wood, Eddie Dunn, Eddie Gribbon, Edgar Dearing, Frank Hagney, Frank Moran, George Irving, Grace Hayle, Gregory Gaye, Guinn Big Boy Williams, Harrison Greene, Henry Stephenson, Herbert Ashley, Inez Palange, Ivan Lebedeff, Jack Rice, James Finlayson, Jean De Briac, Leonid Kinskey, Manuel París, Margaret Dumont, Marie Osborne, Mathilde Comont, Maurice Cass, Miriam Hopkins, Rafael Storm, Ray Milland, Richard Lane, Russell Hicks, Selmer Jackson, Tom Kennedy, Walter Abel, Walter Soderling,

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