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Fear Factors

Fear Factors: SubconsciousIn a closed room with some dim light at the suburbs, a man and a woman are lying on the floor. They are in a coma. And, there is a small knife stabbed into the stomach of the man. The woman wakes up. She finds that the door is locked. From the crack between the door and its frame, she finds a door key on the ground outside. However....Crazy AnalysisTin King works at the butcher’s. However, he doesn’t like cutting meat, he likes to cut men. One day, he receives a long distance call. He is told his uncle Yim Sing, a biological research worker in China, has died suddenly....Language: CantoneseSubtitle: EnglishCast: Candy Lo, Shiu Hung Hui, Ken Chang, Tiffany Lee & Terence Yin

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