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Stand Up and Fight

80/100 1939 97 mins Western Watch Trailer

Stand Up and Fight: This western starring Beery and Taylor as rivals is one cackling western. It involves the kidnapping and reselling of free slaves. Set in 1812 in the North and a town of abolitionists, the crimes needs to be solved. Beery has a need to solve the crimes because it implicates. Taylor, a sympathetic Southerner has his reasons too. Together they bicker, fight and join forces to save the slaves and bring justice to the criminals.

Actors: Al Ferguson, Barton MacLane, Ben Welden, Charles Bickford, Charley Grapewin, Claire McDowell, Claudia Morgan, Clem Bevans, Clinton Rosemond, Cy Kendall, Eddy Waller, Edward Hearn, Edward Keane, Erville Alderson, Everett Brown, Florence Rice, Forrest Taylor, Frank Darien, Frank Jaquet, George Cooper, George Ovey, Hal Price, Harry Allen, Harry Cording, Harry Strang, Helen Broderick, Henry Hastings, Hooper Atchley, Jack Grey, James Kilgannon, John Dilson, John Ince, John Qualen, Jonathan Hale, Lee Tung Foo, Margaret Tallichet, Minor Watson, Mitchell Lewis, Murdock MacQuarrie, Paul Everton, Robert Gleckler, Robert Middlemass, Robert Taylor, Sam Ash, Selmer Jackson, Sidney DAlbrook, Syd Saylor, Ted Oliver, Theodore Lorch, Trevor Bardette, Victor Potel, Wallace Beery, Walter Soderling, William Tannen,

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