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Showdown in Little Tokyo

84/100 1991 79 mins Action Drama Comedy Crime Watch Trailer

Showdown in Little Tokyo: For 400 years, Japan has been home to a secret criminal organization dedicated to its own supremacy in the underworld. Ruled by an ancient, arcane code of honor, the deadly Yakuza have been among the most feared members of society. Even today, they are immediately recognizable by the stunningly ornate tattoos that cover their bodies, telling the terrifying story of their stature and career in a dark order that knows no mercy. Now the Yakuza are coming to Los Angeles. But in America, theyre going to meet their match. Two cops are on their trail. Ones an American raised in Japan. Hes got the mind and spirit of a samurai, and the body of a human fighting machine. The others a Japanese-American raised in Californias San Fernando Valley. Hes into malls, pizza and MTV. But he can disarm five gunmen with his bare feet. Ones a warrior. Ones a wise-ass. But together theyve got what it takes to remove some tattoos from Little Tokyo. Showdown in Little Tokyo stars action favorite Dolph Lundgren as Chris Kenner, a man fighting for his adopted heritage and his familys honor; and Brandon Lee, in his first American film role, as Johnny Murata, a guy whose idea of a good time includes knowing where--and how--to get his kicks. Opposites in attitude, once they get on the streets, theyre a perfect odd couple. And what they have in common is their enemy--the Yakuza who are bringing a lethal new drug trade to Los Angeles, coupled with a macabre taste for violence and cruelty.

Actors: Brandon Lee, Branscombe Richmond, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Dolph Lundgren, Ernie Lively, Gerald Okamura, James Taenaka, Jeff Ramsey, Jim Ishida, Phil Chong, Philip Tan, Renee Allman, Rick Cramer, Rodney Kageyama, Roger Yuan, Simon Rhee, Steve Park, Takayo Fischer, Tia Carrere, Toshirô Obata, Vernee Watson-Johnson,

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