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A Shock to the System

60/100 1990 91 mins Comedy Thriller Crime Watch Trailer

A Shock to the System: Graham Marshall already celebrates his anxiously awaited promotion in an advertising company, when he learns that Roger Benham, one of his subordinates, will be promoted instead of him. Frustrated that his hated life will never change, he starts a cunning ploy to take bloody revenge on everyone who humiliated him - starting with his unnerving wife.

Actors: Alice Haining, Angela Pietropinto, Anibal O Lleras, Anthony Scavone, Barbara Baxley, Carl Burrows, Charlie Sara, Christopher Durang, Craig Sechler, David H Kramer, David Schramm, Elizabeth McGovern, Frank Ferrara, Garry Goodrow, Haviland Morris, Jenny Wright, Joe Zaloom, John Finn, John McMartin, Jonathan Freeman, Jose Alvarez, Kent Broadhurst, Kim Staunton, Louise Williams, Mia Dillon, Michael Caine, Miguel Perez, Mike Starr, Peter Riegert, Philip Moon, Rik Colitti, Sam Schacht, Samuel L Jackson, Scotty Bloch, Socorro Santiago, Swoosie Kurtz, Tyrone Jackson, Victor Truro, Welker White, Will Patton, Zach Grenier,

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