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Night of the Living Dead 3D

Night of the Living Dead 3D: Barb and her brother Johnny travel to the country for the funeral services of their aunt, but they arrive late and drive direct to the cemetery. They see the location empty, but sooner they are attacked by zombies. Johnny escapes in his car leaving Barb alone, but she is rescued by the drug dealer and college student Ben. He drives his motorcycle to the Cooper farm, and the patriarch Henry Cooper does not give credit to Barb. When the farmhouse is under siege of a group of flesh-eaters zombies, the local mortician Gerald Tovar Jr. arrives and tells a scary story about the origin of the zombies.

Actors: Bill Quinn, Brian La Rosa, Brianna Brown, Carol Harrison, Cristin Michele, David Long, Greg Travis, Johanna Black, Ken Ward, Marcia Ann Burrs, Michael Smith, Neil DMonte, Robert DiTillio, Robert OConnor, Sid Haig,

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