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Cool Money

60/100 2005 89 mins Drama Watch Trailer

Cool Money: Charismatic thief Bobby Comfort (James Marsters) escapes from prison, clears himself of all charges, and returns to a home life he finds unsatisfying. Though he is devoted to his wife and daughter, his old life comes calling, both figuratively and literally, in the form of idea man Sammy Nalo (John Cassini). With the help of Comforts old partner, they begin robbing posh New York City hotels, while second cousin and bumbling cop Phil Parris (Jason Schombing) thinks he can turn Comfort to the straight and narrow.

Actors: Aron Tager, Carlos Diaz, Conrad Dunn, Dan Warry-Smith, Denis Akiyama, Ed Sahely, Emily Hampshire, Gerry Quigley, James Marsters, Jason Schombing, John Cassini, Kenny Robinson, Kira Clavell, Larry Manetti, Louis Di Bianco, Margot Kidder, Michael Stevens, Michael Tayles, Paolo Mancini, Pedro Salvín, Ramona Milano, Randy Butcher, Rene Bishop, Robert Morelli, Robert Thomas, Robin Brûle, Stefanie von Pfetten, Stephen Russell, Susan Lay, Thomas Michael, Wayne Robson,

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