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City Hunter Million Dollar Conspiracy

80/100 1990 45 mins Animation Watch Trailer

City Hunter Million Dollar Conspiracy: While trying to promote the Saeba Firm in an attempt to get more clients, Ryo and Kaori come across a beautiful blonde bombshell named Emily O Hara, whos in need of protection. It seems that Emily angered some very dangerous people and now theyve put a contract out on her and shes offered a million dollars to the Saeba Agency in return for protection. However, City Hunter will only take the job if Emily promises him some nookie in-between, much to Kaoris dismay. It seems like an easy situation: take the easy job, get the easy money, then take it easy. But when Falcon informs Kaori during a trip to the grocery store that someone from Los Angeles has arrived to kill City Hunter, she and Ryo begin to suspect that Emily is not all she really appears to be. What is her real agenda? Is she really a cold-blooded assassin who has something personal against Ryo? Why is the C.I.A. taking an interest in City Hunters client? And more importantly, will Ryo still get the nookie he was promised by the time the case is solved?

Actors: Akira Kamiya, Amalia Stifter, Amy L Gamber, Charles Campbell, David Jones, Gary Dehan, Jana Brockman, Kazue Ikura, Lou Perryman, Martin Blacker, Pamela Ribon,

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