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Kansas City

Kansas City: Robert Altmans jazz-scored film explores themes of love, crime, race, and politics in 1930s Kansas City. When Blondie OHaras husband, a petty thief, is captured by Seldom Seen and held at the Hey Hey Club, she lauches a desperate plan to release him. She kidnaps the wife of a powerful local politician in an attempt to blackmail him into using his connections to free Johnny. Despite this being election time, he risks exposure by putting the political machine into action to free Johnny and thereby save his wife. Mrs. Stilton, meanwhile, has befriended Blondie and is impressed by her love and devotion to Johnny, especially in contrast to her own loveless marriage.

Actors: Brooke Smith, Buck Baker, David McKay, David Murray, Dermot Mulroney, Don Byron, Harry Belafonte, Jane Adams, Jennifer Jason Leigh, John Durbin, John Pritchett, Joshua Redman, Michael Marisi Ornstein, Michael Murphy, Miranda Richardson, Robert Elliott, Ron Carter, Steve Buscemi, Tim Snay,

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