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Balance of Power

0/100 1996 Action Watch Trailer

Balance of Power: A martial arts expert who runs a dojo for under-privileged kids from a dilapidated warehouse is shaken down by gangsters demanding protection money. Then when one of his students is gunned down in the street by the gang, he swears revenge. Meanwhile the gang leader is setting up a death match between the best fighters and is forcing a former trainer to find a new champion by threatening his granddaughter.

Actors: Adrian Hough, Billy Blanks, Christopher Lee Clements, Denis Akiyama, Errol Gee, Garry Robbins, James Lew, Jesse Bennett, John Liddle, Jung-Yul Kim, Mako, Real Andrews, Scott Hogarth, Simon Kim, Tig Fong, Tommy Chang, Voyo Goric, Walker Boone,

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