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Visitors of the Night

60/100 1995 98 mins Sci-Fi Thriller Watch Trailer

Visitors of the Night: Judith notices some very creepy things are happening around town. She and the towns sheriff make a chilling discovery, the towns teens are disappearing. When they reappear they are suffering from amnesia. Judith is even more troubled when her daughter, Katie, is missing. When she returns and begins acting strangely, it becomes evident alien powers have taken over the town. Judith must stand up to her fears and rid the town of the aliens that have come to claim her daughter.

Actors: Allan Royal, Angella Kaye, Candace Cameron Bure, Caroline Yeager, Dale Midkiff, Damir Andrei, Denis Akiyama, Derwin Jordan, Dick Callahan, Elizabeth Lennie, James Loxley, Joe Pingue, Judah Katz, Markie Post, Marlow Vella, Melyssa Ade, Pam Hyatt, Rob Stefaniuk, Sarah Rosen Fruitman, Stephen McHattie, Susan Hogan, Victor A Young,

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