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Killer Kid

93/100 1994 Drama War Watch Trailer

Killer Kid: A Lebanese kid is sent to France on a terrorist mission for "Allah's Army". An Arab French kid becomes involved unwittingly. A bond develops between the two, while they become alienated from and independent of the adults in their lives.

Actors: Agathe de La Fontaine, Amira, Bruno Flender, Charles Fathy, Denis Seurat, Didier Cauchy, Dominique Pozzetto, El Kebir, Fabrice Bagni, Farid Fedjer, Fatiha Cheriguene, Françoise Bertin, Josselin Siassia, Luna Sentz, Marc de Jonge, Mostefa Zerguine, Saïd Amadis, Salah Teskouk, Sophie Tellier, Younesse Boudache, Zakariya Gouram,

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