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Ai Carmela!

40/100 1990 102 mins Drama War Watch Trailer

Ai, Carmela!: Paulino and Carmela are husband and wife, troubadours touring the countryside during the Spanish Civil War. They are Republicans, and with their mute assistant, Gustavete, they journey into rebel territory by mistake. They are arrested, fear a firing squad, and receive a reprieve from an Italian Fascist commander who loves the theatre. He arranges a performance for his troops, bargaining with Paulino to stage a burlesque of the republic in exchange for the actors freedom. Will the fiery and patriotic Carmela consent?

Actors: Alfonso Guirao, Andres Pajares, Carmen Maura, Chema Mazo, Edward Zentara, Felipe Velez, Gabino Diego, Gabriel Moreno, Jose Sancho, Josu Ormaetxe, Manuel Millán, Mario De Candia, Mario Martín, Miguel Rellán, Rafael Díaz, Rafael Palmero Jr, Silvia Casanova, Víctor Manuel Mendoza,

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