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The Unknown

The Unknown

80/100 1927 63 mins Drama Romance Thriller Watch Trailer

The Unknown: Alonzo is an apparently armless knife thrower who uses his feet to encircle Estrellita with blades. Zanzi is killed by Alonzo (who really does have arms). Estrellita allows herself to fall in love with Alonzo (she fears mens arms), so he goes to a hospital and has his amputated. Meantime Malabar cures Estrellita of her fear of mens arms, so Alonzo tries to have him killed during a circus act.

Actors: Billy Seay, Bobbie Mack, Frank Lanning, Italia Frandi, Joan Crawford, John George, John St Polis, Julian Rivero, Lon Chaney, Louise Emmons, Nick De Ruiz, Norman Kerry, Polly Moran, Venezia Frandi,

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