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Kai doh maru

Kai doh maru

60/100 2001 45 mins Animation Short Watch Trailer

Kai doh maru: Kintoki is the daughter of a minor lord in feudal Japan. Since she was young she has been raised as a boy, earning the nickname Kaidohmaru (maybe her father regretted his lack of sons), and there is rumors that she will be named his successor. However, her uncle will have none of it, and in a bid for power murders Kintokis parents and nearly kills her as well before she is rescued by Raiko, the captain of the samurai guard working for the defense ministry. Now, at age seventeen, Kintoki is a skilled samurai in her own right, and Raiko is starting to see her as something more than just another student, but shadows from the past are about to return and haunt her

Actors: Bruce Winant, Corinne Orr, Larry Robinson, Mitsuki Saiga, Peter Patrikios, Veronica Taylor,

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