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The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper

60/100 2011 115 mins Thriller Watch Trailer

The Yellow Wallpaper: The Yellow Wallpaper (Motion Picture) is an "Origins Myth"... rather than a direct adaptation of the famous Charlotte Perkins Gilman story. Drawing from the original short story and a number of Gilmans' other gothic works (The Giant Wisteria, The Unwatched Door, etc.), The Yellow Wallpaper is an original narrative of events that unfold around the actual writing of "The Yellow Wallpaper" short story. After a devastating fire, Charlotte and John rent a countryside house and attempt to start life over, though Charlotte, upon seeing visions of her deceased daughter, retreats to the house's attic and pulls away from her husband and sister.

Actors: Bob King, Brian Bremer, Dale Dickey, Earl Maddox, Juliet Landau, Michael Moriarty, P David Miller, Raymond J Barry, Sharon Blackwood, Ted Manson, Veronica Cartwright,

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