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Rab C Nesbitt Season 4 Episode 3

60/100 1990 30 mins Comedy Watch Trailer

Rab C Nesbitt: Classic BBC Sitcom about Rab C. Nesbitt, a stringed vested philosopher (in his own way) who spends his days getting drunk in his local with best mate Jamesie and going home to clash with wife Mary and his two sons Gash and Burnie. The series follows Rab as he talks to the camera about the way life is and the state of the country, When hes not doing that he is drinking, trying to keep his family together or shouting the odds at anybody who is stupid enough to argue the point. No matter where in Govan you go you cant escape the wrath of the Nesbitt man!

Actors: Barbara Rafferty, Brian Pettifer, Elaine C Smith, Gregor Fisher, Iain McColl, John Kazek, Tony Roper,

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