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The Red Green Show Season 2 Episode 34

93/100 1991 25 mins Comedy Watch Trailer

The Red Green Show: Red Green is a bearded Canadian carpenter whos really handy with his hands, and can find great uses for duct tape. He hosts The Red Green Show, where he and his nerdy nephew, Harold, teach the viewers how to make excellent and useful crafts, as well as give marriage advice, from their home at Possum Lodge. Also, he plays games with Dalton Humphries where he must try to get him to guess a word by giving examples of it or saying a sentence it would be used in. Red also appears in a black-and-white series with the bungling Bill Smith were they show young viewers things like how to hunt and the existence of gravity. Other characters who frequently appear are the deprived Ranger Gord, who lives on top of a 100-foot tower on top of a 200-foot hill, has been guarding the watch tower for 16 years without a vacation and has no friends; the golf-obsessed loser Bob Stuyvestant who knows nothing about women; Buzz Sherwood, a daredevil pilot; and Winston Rothschild III, a loyal!

Actors: Bob Bainborough, Patrick McKenna, Steve Smith,

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