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Johnny Vegas: Whos Ready for Ice Cream?

Johnny Vegas: Whos Ready for Ice Cream?

0/100 2003 60 mins Comedy Watch Trailer

Johnny Vegas: Whos Ready for Ice Cream?: This is a suitably uncompromising and anarchic introduction of Johnnys act onto the DVD market which, rather than just being a straightforward live recording, crafts a free form narrative concerning Johnnys kidnapping and forced icecream sponsership around clips of Edinburgh sets. In short, you either get it or you dont, much like Johnnys act itself, but for someone who has had the pleasure of seeing Johnny live (some of the finest stand up Ive ever seen - and Im not just saying that because we hail from the same town) I can safely say this is probably the closest we have to capturing some of that live magic. Ignore the live DVD he has at Benidorm Palace, thats a very weak mainstream affair played out to an audience who only know him for the dismal ITV sitcom set in the Spanish resort. This is the real Vegas, nicely directed by Stewart Lee with a bonus wealth of extras.

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