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Dead Cold

Dead Cold

80/100 1969 91 mins Action Drama Thriller Watch Trailer

Dead Cold: When a carjacking leaves L.A. screenwriter Eric recovering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen, wife Alicia nurses him back to health. Four months later, the two depart for a second honeymoon in an idyllic setting in the mountains. They are snuggly ensconced in front of a crackling fire when Cale, a hunter whos ostensibly lost his sense of direction in the snow storm and nearly frozen to death, appears at their cabin door. Reluctantly, Alicia agrees with Eric that they have to take him in for the night. Its too late and the weathers too bad to try to get him into town, tonight, Eric says. Ill take him in the morning. But, when morning comes and Eric is unable to start his truck, Cales presence begins to take on sinister proportions. Alicia surreptitiously searches through his backpack and discovers that he has no identification. Cale absentmindedly lets drop that he has friends in Folsom Prison and he becomes agitated when he learns that Eric has supposedly thrown away the wet ammunition that was in his shotgun when he happened upon the cabin. Soon his intentions toward Alicia become clear. ...All that stands in his way is Eric. For a man like Cale, murder is a minor detail...

Actors: Alina Thompson, Anneliza Scott, Chris Mulkey, Lysette Anthony, Michael Champion, Peter Dobson,

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